Fire Action

If Fire Breaks Out In Your Home:

• Leave the room where the fire is straight away and then close the door.
• Tell everyone in your home and get them to leave. Close the front door of your flat behind you.
• Do not stay behind to put the fire out.
• Call the fire service.
• Wait outside, away from the building.

If You See Or Hear Of A Fire In Another Part Of The Building:

• The building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts. This means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat if the fire is elsewhere.
• You must leave immediately if smoke or heat affects your home, or if you are told to by the fire service.
• If you are in any doubt, get out.

To Call The Fire Service:

• Dial 999 or 112.
• When the operator answers, give your telephone number and ask for FIRE.
• When the fire service reply give the address where the fire is.
• Do not end the call until the fire service has repeated the address correctly.