Installation of common reception for digital terrestrial TV and Satellite TV

14 June 2004

Dear Resident

Installation of common reception for digital terrestrial TV and Satellite TV

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Residents Company it was agreed to complete the upgrade of the site to provide full digital TV. This work is due to commence on 16 June 2004 by Swindon Aerials and Satellite Services Ltd (Tel 612078).

Externally this will involve erecting of a common (shared) satellite dish on blocks 1 (Numbers 1 to 8), block 3 (Numbers 17 to 24) and block 4 (Numbers 25 to 36). After installation the existing dishes on these blocks will be disconnected and removed.

Internally in order that you may take advantage of digital terrestrial TV (Freeview) and satellite TV (BskyB) the engineer will require access to your flat to upgrade the TV aerial wall socket to a dual outlet. The engineers will notify all residents in advance of a date one weekend to undertake this work at no charge. If however, the engineers are on site in the meantime please make yourself known to them and they will install the dual socket whilst they are there without charge. If they are unable to fit sockets on either the designated date or in the meantime then they may be called out to fit the socket for a callout charge of £25.00.

The distribution equipment located in the loft space of one first floor flat in each block will also need to be upgraded and the engineers will require access to those flats in which they identify the equipment is located. We should appreciate your co-operation with access where applicable.

How to receive digital TV?

Terrestrial TV can be received either through a set top box costing about £60 via a digital TV. This offers about 30 channels without subscription. Satellite TV requires a set top box costing about £160, however, this is often subsidised or provided free if you subscribe to a Sky TV package. Some channels are provided without subscription and Sky I understand are planning to extend this number of channels shortly.

Aerials and Satellite Services Ltd or an electrical shop can provide further details.

Please note that due to cabling constraints the system will only support standard Sky services and not the Sky plus system as this requires two satellite feeds per property.