EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

This is a report of the condition of the electrical installation and will highlight any safety shortcomings, defects or deviations from the current revision of the electrical regulations BS7671.

An electrical installation condition report should be performed by a competent electrician with the necessary experience and knowledge of the type of installation tested.

It is a statutory requirement that properties where the public have access; are regularly checked and that an EICR is undertaken on the electrical services. The period between inspections is determined by the function and the use of the building.

EICR codes

The codes used to determine whether there are non-compliances or issue with the electrical installation and are numbered C1 to C3. These codes are shown on the Electrical Installation Condition Report, along with a description of the nature of any fault, and determine whether a ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ report will be applied to the installation.

  • Code C1 ‘Danger present’: There is a risk of injury and that immediate remedial action is required to remove the dangerous condition.
  • Code C2 ‘Potentially dangerous condition’: Urgent remedial action required, this should declare the nature of the problem, not the remedial actions required.
  • Code C3 ‘Improvement recommended’ This code more often than not implies that while the installation may not comply with the current set of regulations, complies with a previous set of regulations and so is deemed to be safe although this safety can be improved upon.

Test reports:

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