Latest Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet

The following income & Expenditure report provides details of costs incurred for the past few years and anticipated costs for the next few years. The Balance Sheet shows how much is owed by and to the company. The accounts summaries show income and expenditure in the years when they were incurred as required by Financial Reporting Standards and recommended by the ICAEW Technical Release on Residential Service Charge Accounts (Section 2.2).

Detailed Income Statement
Balancing Statement

Statutory Accounts

The accounts for Applewood Court Residents (Swindon) Limited are as filed at Companies House in statutory format for each financial year. It is not a statutory requirement that detailed costs are shown within these accounts although for many of the years the directors have voluntarily shown the information for the benefit of leaseholders.

The members have passed a resolution that it may supply documents, including accounts, to members by website. Members do not have to agree to receive communications in this way and have the right to request a paper copy the the accounts.

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